Home Staging Benefits

Home Staging Benefits: Improve ROI

Home staging has many benefits. Improving your return on investment may be one of them. Consider for a moment this scenario with a $1.8 million home in Newport Beach, California. This luxury home has countless upgrades and a beautiful ocean view. The home is also vacant. But does that really matter? According to the National Association of Realtors an empty home is at a disadvantage. Homes that are not staged require an average price reduction of 10 percent. That would imply an average cost of $180,000 to forego staging our $1.8 million home in Newport Beach.

White Orchid Interiors is an industry leader for staging vacant homes. Our home staging services make a $1.8 million home look and feel like a $1.8 million home. We have furniture, artwork and decor accessories to compliment the interior style, scale and price point of nearly any property. On average our services to furnish and stage a home in this price range cost less than $7,500 including one month of furniture rental. Home staging has many benefits. In this scenario we are looking at a $172,500 return on what may only be a $7,500 investment in home staging. Receive an instant Home Staging Estimate for home staging in Orange County California.

Posted: December 8, 2012

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